Atlantic Baptist Housing – Harbourside Landing Rental Subsidy

Atlantic Baptist Senior Citizens’ Homes Inc. – Rental Subsidy Program2016 Revised

For Harbourside Landing, Shelburne Nova Scotia

Is your total annual income* less than $22000 on line 150 of your previous year income tax return? Then we are pleased to offer a rental subsidy on all our 1 and 2 bedroom apartments at Harbourside Landing, Shelburne, N.S. You can receive a monthly discount, up to $175.00, off your rent based on income. (see sample chart below)

      Based on 2 bedroom rental

Annual/Combined Total Income Qualified Rent Subsidy Yearly Savings Rent with subsidy on first floor
$18050 or less $175** $2100 $750.00
$18500 $155 $1860 $770.00
$19000 $135 $1620 $790.00
$19500 $110 $1320 $815.00
$20000 $90 $1080 $835.00
$21000 $50 $600 $875.00
$22000 $10 $120 $915.00


How can you apply?

You apply by submitting copies of your most recent tax assessment for the last two years and completing a subsidy application form. If two people are on the lease then combined tax assessments will be required. All information is confidential and solely for determining subsidy eligibility. If you have any questions please call the office 506-858-7870 ext. 117.

Submissions can be mailed to:

Atlantic Baptist Senior Citizens’ Homes Inc.

Attention: Harbourside Landing Subsidy

35 Atlantic Baptist Ave., Moncton, NB, E1E 4N3

Or faxed to: 506-585-9674

Or emailed to:


*Annual income is combined income for the apartment.

**$175.00 is the maximum subsidy provided by ABSCHI and can be modified or terminated at the discretion of the company. A one year notification will be submitted by letter in the event of decreasing the subsidy, to a tenant using the program, up to one hundred dollars less than amount previously offered. A two year written notification if there is a decrease over one hundred dollars less than the amount previously offered or termination of the rental subsidy program.