About Us

Our Leadership

Atlantic Baptist Housing is a member organization of the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada. The Convention is a complex organization of over 450 member churches joined together. Member churches own their resources and are independent incorporated organizations.

Over the years, the Convention established a number of Boards to carry out tasks and ministries at arms’ length from the parent organization. Atlantic Baptist Senior Citizens’ Homes Inc. (now referred to as Atlantic Baptist Housing, or ABH) was established in 1970 and is governed by a Board of Directors appointed by the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada to carry out our mandate of planning, constructing, establishing, maintaining, and operating accommodations for seniors.

Atlantic Baptist Housing Board of Directors

The Board is appointed to serve in three-year terms. Each member can serve for two terms.

Vincent Duff – Chairman

Frederick Steeves

Jennifer Riley

Janice Cameron

Ethan Garrett- Vice Chairman

David Creighton- Treasurer

Judith Hyde

Walter Balasiuk 

Ken Milner- Secretary

Tom Davidson

Sandy Hood

Joan Bower

Kurt Parks

Senior Leadership Team of Atlantic Baptist Housing

Chief Executive Officer- Atlantic Baptist Senior Citizens’ Homes Inc. Victor Shea 506.858.7870 ext. 120
Chief Operating Officer – Seniors’ Housing Mark Cameron 506.858.7870 ext. 117
Director of Finance Carla Robinson 506.858.7870 ext. 103
Director of Human Resources Wayne Mallet 506.858.7870 ext. 110