About Us

Who We Are

Atlantic Baptist Housing is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to providing quality living to seniors in independent apartment living, enriched housing and in nursing home care. But we are more than an organization – we are individuals who care deeply about what we do and the people we care for.  We believe in taking excellent care of our seniors, through building communities, whether in quality living accommodations or in total nursing care. We encourage our communities to live well in mind, body and spirit.

As a charitable non-profit organization, our resources are invested into improving the lives and well-being of our residents. We firmly believe in Adding Life to Years, and strive to make each resident’s life brighter, healthier and happier.

Our Mission

“The Atlantic Baptist Senior Citizens’ Home Inc., a ministry of  Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada, is dedicated primarily to the enhancement of the quality of life for Atlantic Seniors.

The mission is accomplished by providing quality care and affordable, accessible housing in an comfortable and secure environment.”

How We Work

Seniors in Atlantic Canada

In a recent study of seniors housing needs by the Atlantic Seniors Housing Research Alliance (ASHRA)[1], it was found the Maritime Provinces have the highest percentage of seniors in the country. In fact, between 2007 and 2033 the senior population of Nova Scotia alone is projected to increase to 86.3 percent.

In addition, the income level of seniors in Atlantic Canada is lower than the national average and there are a larger proportion of seniors living in rural areas. Also according to this study, “seniors want to age at home and in their communities.” When this is not possible, seniors also “prefer seniors-only housing.”

With 42 percent of our seniors living in rural areas, the Atlantic Baptist Housing model of developing senior apartments and nursing homes in part in less densely populated areas fits with the needs outlined in the ASHRA report.

[1] Seniors’ Housing: Challenges, Issues, and Possible Solutions for Atlantic Canada, Atlantic Seniors Housing Research Alliance (AHSRA), 2010.

The Atlantic Baptist Housing Model

Atlantic Baptist Housing works in partnership with Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches to identify opportunities to serve our communities and senior populations by developing, building and operating affordable and accessible housing.

The projects begin by a local Church identifying a need. Generally a Church committee is formed and quantifies the scope of the housing need. The local committee also works with and develops partnerships with the municipality and other levels of government. The committee also becomes the focus of marketing and sales, once a project is developed.

Atlantic Baptist Housing is invited in as a potential partner. It brings the ability to design and build, finance and operate the completed facility. Atlantic Baptist Senior Citizens’ Homes Inc. (our corporate name) is a non-profit, charitable organization.

General process:

  • A local committee is formed and identifies a general need:
    • it completes the project proposal,
    • the need is quantified through survey or other method.
  • Once documented, Atlantic Baptist Housing works closely with the local committee as:
    • a decision is made on the size of the proposed project, based on data collected, and
    • appropriate land is identified
      • it could require re-zoning (locally led)
      • it might be donated
      • needs to be serviced
      • should be attractive in location for senior tenants.
    • Some effort will be made to obtain other sources of funding to lower operational costs.
  • ABH will call for tenders for a “Design and Build” contract:
    • decisions will be made on a designer/contractor, and
    • an open house would be held showing the actual design and rental costs.
  • Construction begins if the required number of potential tenants pay a deposit.
  • Once constructed, the local committee helps with apartment rentals, and helps to foster the social and community support of the tenants association.