Atlantic Baptist Housing Senior Leadership Team:

Chief Executive Officer: Victor Shea

Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer: Chantal Mason  506-858-7870 ext. 106

Chief Operating Officer: Mark Cameron   506-858-7870 ext. 117

Chief Financial Officer: Carla Robinson  506-858-7870 ext. 103


Spencer Home Leadership Team: 

Administrator: Ashley King  506-858-7870 ext. 110

Director of Care: Julie Jollimore 506-858-7870 ext. 133

Resident Care Coordinator: Christine Lowry  506-858-7870 ext. 113

Nurse Manager: Vivian Follett  506-858-7870 ext. 112

Manager of Support Services: Cheryl Berry 506-858-7870 ext. 118

Manager of Recreation Therapy: Mary Bourgeois 506-858-7870 ext. 115

Dietitian: Lynn Burdock 506-858-7870 ext.111

Human Resources Advisor: Tracy Renton 506-858-7870 ext.164

Chief Financial Officer/Director of Finance: Carla Robinson 506-858-7870 ext. 103

Spencer Home Receptionist: Sharon Sweetapple 506-858-7870 ext. 163


Robert L. Knowles Veterans Unit:

Nurse Manager: Karine Doucet 506-549-5584

Nurses Station: 506-549-5582


Villa Chaleur:

Manager of Site Operations: Tania Fortin 506-549-5588

Administrative Assistant: Sasha Boucher 506-549-5588


PEI Atlantic Baptist Homes: 

Administrator/Director of Care: Samantha Thorpe  902-566-5975 ext.222

Nurse Manager: Gillian MacLean 902-566-5975 ext. 127

Manager of Support Services: Mark McClintick 902-566-5975 ext.114

Human Resources Advisor: Jodi Martell 902-566-5975 ext. 124

Receptionist: Karen Sigsworth 902-566-5975 ext. 101


Gladys M. Manning Memorial Home

Administrator: Teresa Sanford 902-798-0441 

Kitchen Manager: Andrew Dill 902-798-0441