Embark on a fulfilling journey of care and compassion at our Nursing Homes. From the hands-on touch of personal support workers, the expertise of licensed practical nurses, to the advanced skills of registered nurses, our care team ensures we Add Life to the Years our residents. Beyond care, our support services—spanning dietary, housekeeping, laundry, and maintenance—ensure a clean, comfortable, and safe environment. The vibrancy and enthusiasm of our recreation department play a pivotal role in engaging residents in stimulating activities, ensuring their mental and physical well-being. And steering this ship with grace and leadership, our administration and leadership teams bring together all these elements to ensure the smooth functioning of our institution. Explore these diverse roles and find your perfect fit in our ever-growing family.

We are continuously hiring across our nursing home locations in New Brunswick (Moncton & Bathurst) and Charlottetown, PEI. We are currently have openings in the care and dietary department.

If you are interested please contact our Human Resources Personnel:

For New Brunswick: 506-858-7870 ext. 164 or email: margie.yanez@abschi.com

Click the Indeed logo to view positions at our Spencer Home Moncton, NB location:

For New Brunswick/Nova Scotia: 506-858-7870 ext. 167 or email: joseph.olajubu@abschi.com

For Prince Edward Island: 902-566-5975 ext. 124 or email: brianna.gairns@abschi.com