Our Communities

At Atlantic Baptist Housing our residences are more than places to live, they are communities. Whether you are 55 or older and looking to gather with others who also lead an active and busy life in independent living, or want to live independently but prefer the option of having meals prepared and laundry done for you in enriched housing, or need enriched care or full nursing home care, Atlantic Baptist Housing has a place for you.

Independent Living Apartments

Our apartments for independent living are places where seniors gather, share and enjoy the benefits of living in a place surrounded by friends they get to know and love.

Enriched Housing

Enriched Housing offers an active and independent lifestyle, but with conveniences similar to hotel living, including meals, housekeeping, and laundry service.

Nursing Home Care

At Atlantic Baptist Housing, Nursing Home Care is total care that must be applied for and assessed by your provincial government. Depending on the level of the individual care required, we provide assistance with everything from personal hygiene and medications to meals and recreational activities.