Our Lifestyle

Whether you or a loved one are looking for an apartment for independent living, enhanced housing or nursing home care, we have the solution. At Atlantic Baptist Housing, we call our accommodations “communities” because our facilities are more than apartments. Each is designed with community spaces, rooms and programs to encourage interaction and new friendships to develop. Our staff help our residents to feel at home in our spaces. We want each and every person who lives with us to feel as though they are a valuable part of their community. In doing so, Atlantic Baptist Housing strongly believes that we are Adding Life to Years.

Body, Mind and Spiritual Health

We believe that to be truly “healthy” we must care for each person holistically – in body, mind and spirit. We encourage the personal wellness of every resident in every level of our senior apartments for independent living, independent living with support or nursing home care. We see each resident as a unique individual, and we focus on their strengths instead of illness or limitations.


We encourage our residents in their physical health through regular health check-ups and various levels of physical activity, all designed to improve health, prevent falls and injury and enhance the quality of life for all the seniors in our communities.

In our apartments for independent living, each community has an exercise room and some have walking trails right on the property. Our residents often attend community exercise programs together, supporting each other to keep an active life.

Health and wellness clinics are also regularly offered to those in our senior living communities. Service providers such as nurses, foot care nurses, physiotherapists and other local practitioners regularly visit our communities and offer care to those in need. In our full service nursing homes, nursing staff are on duty 24 hours a day, and doctors are a call away.


We make it our business to keep the emotional health of our seniors a top priority. Emotional difficulties often make other areas of a seniors life more difficult, so our staff pay close attention to the emotional well-being of our residents.

In our apartments for independent living, residents look out for each other, forming strong bonds of friendship. Each building has a superintendent who also watches out for each resident.

In our nursing care homes, we have some of our most popular emotional wellness initiatives at our nursing care homes include pet therapy, children’s and family visits.

If family does not live close by, all of our properties are wired for internet. We also offer a email message and photo delivery service in our nursing homes so that family members can stay in regular contact. As well, our chaplains and caregivers are always available to provide emotional care for both family and our seniors.


Our apartments for independent living each have thriving tenant associations that plan activities and help to manage the community in an inclusive way. Our seniors, many of whom are active in their communities, are busy people who enjoy outings to near or not so near sites, take classes at the local seniors centre, or work together in the property’s garden.

Each apartment building has a lounge area that encourages socialization. There is a kitchen to prepare a snack or a cup of tea, which residents can enjoy together in the sunroom or private nooks throughout the building. And just like any apartment, guests are welcomed.

Our nursing homes have recreational planners who help our residents engage in sing-alongs, dances, birthday and other celebrations, visits from pets and children, concerts and exercise classes, as well as learning classes that help keep the mind active.


Atlantic Baptist Housing recognizes that a person’s spirit also needs nurturing to achieve true wellness. Faith can give meaning and allow us to celebrate life in whatever physical condition we may find ourselves. We welcome and respect people of all faiths, creeds, and beliefs in our senior living communities.

Our nursing home residences offer inclusive services that allow those with different faith backgrounds a regular opportunity to worship.

In our apartments for independent living communities, residents may also attend services at their own local place of worship.


We encourage our residents to make learning a lifetime activity. Many of our communities have lending libraries for reading, games areas, bring in guest speakers to discuss topics of importance to seniors, or instructors to teach classes like French, guitar or computers. Residents have a say in what they would like to learn and are encouraged to offer the gift of sharing their special talent.


We care about the safety of our residents and take all the required precautions, often going the extra mile to help our residents feel safe and secure.

Each of our apartments for independent living is a secure environment – some buildings feature security cameras . All have superintendents who are responsible for cleaning and maintenance of the common areas, showing apartments and responding to emergencies. Many superintendents also live onsite, and all are on-call 24 hours a day.

In our nursing care homes, visitors must check in at the reception to visit residents and most facilities include dementia care units with established security protocols.